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CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Headset
Price: 5,000
Denver Shuffle
Price: 2,780 (2,502)
Clinique cleanser number...
Price: 2,700 (2,322)
Digital Camera (Life of L...
Price: 2,650
Elephant Parade Mini Mosh...
Price: 2,600 (1,950)
Elephant Parade Simply Ye...
Price: 2,600 (2,080)
Flower Me cups (2/Yellow)
Price: 2,500 (2,125)
Rimmel Lipliner
Price: 1,500
Seagull jump rope with co...
Price: 1,500

How to shop

At you can even choose your prizes when you win. Many of the games you find on the website reward you directly with the so-called coins, instead of a physical prize. Your coins can then be redeemed in 'The Shop' where you will find a huge variety of products.

All products are shipped directly to your door, postage paid - so the price you see in the shop is the only thing you pay for to have the prize mailed directly to you.

If you are a Basic member at, you must verify your information before your prizes are sent to your address. This is purely to ensure proper delivery to our users.

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